Friday, 11 August 2017

Heather time again

Been experimenting with new aproach to settings on Mavic.
There is a school of opinion that if you use lower than +1 sharpening automated noise reduction starts to kick in first in darker areas then in lower light all round the outside.
I've definitely seen this e.g. Seated Man Video but in good light you often don't see it.

My experiments with +1 on 4K video looked pretty horrible to be honest, but then I tried it on 2.7K rendered for youtube at 1440p and must say it does seem more reliably good crisp footage though needs a bit of gaussian blur to take the edge off unless light is fading.

Annoyingly weather has been dreadful if not impossible for flying it until yesterday when I did these two and am quietly impressed with the overall effect especially viewed on smart TV.

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