Thursday, 24 January 2019

First 2019 dronage

It was so lovely with no wind at sunrise yesterday, just went up to 399 feet 11 inches and turned slowly.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Moors Vlog

So many others are doing this kind of thing better than me, however I have the tools and thought I'd try a Vlog style video using several cameras.

Doing a quick edit was not as difficult as anticipated - making it more polished is another matter.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Hunters Sty long exposure

It's mid-December and light level is dire practically all day as a rule, but this actually suits long exposure.
This was with the Sony RX100 and inbuilt ND turned on.
The camera was literally at water level on a flat stone, which made adjacent stones look like dramatic boulders.
Quite pleased to get a different take on this much photographed bridge.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Bransdale and another new camera

The move to Sony is complete with GoPro updated to Sony FDR-X3000
I think the Ghost 4K is better on the helmet at this stage but will likely try it on there at some point.
The GoPro adds insult to injury with unexplained and hard to detect crashes, and abysmal battery life. After persevering for a couple of years I simply don't like it, but might use it as dashcam for a while yet.

The Sony has a rock solid combined remote and monitor, it also has pretty good optical stabilisation which almost matches the new Hero7. Sound is very good too with inbuilt mic and there's a standard mic input with none of the idiotic £50 adapter you need for GoPro.

This is mostly from Drift 4K which I'm trying with (digital) stabiliser on again, the camera angle was a little too low with that on, as the FOV is reduced.
However light was nice and enjoyed the ride out.

I changed the name of my bike camera channel and am already seeing some positive effect from the branding idea.
Not that I'm bothered, I mainly like to watch these videos myself especially on smart TV.
But it's nice if others are watching and enjoying them too.

When youtube used to pay small channels however modestly there was more incentive to build your channel following, realistically the great majority can't now monetise.
If I had kept all my channels in a rather confusing single account it would have easily been monetisable - but there are at least four different ones with varying popularity.

Whitby Goth-ness

This was at the end of October, I went down with the pickup and walked along East Side which was so crowded it was hard to take many photos or video.
Last year I walked along West Side which was busy but not packed even on Sunday.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Sony A7iii

Another recent update has been a Sony A7iii.
Again this particularly shines in low light - both photo and video.
The autofocus ability is remarkable at times.

 I do have a Canon 5D SLR but it seems rather dinosaur-like compared to this.
Although the 5Dii can do video it's very un-user-friendly with no autofocus and only 1080p.
The Canon lenses can be used on the Sony with an adapter - which I haven't got yet.

It came with a 24-105 which has mostly been all I need so far. I would like to be able to use the Canon 70-200mm and the sigma 50mm with F1.4 for low light

Pickering War Weekend October 2018

The video from it is excellent but I had the mic volume too high and wind spoiled audio.
I knew it needed to be lower but didn't realise each time I changed mode (for photos) it went back to default - or rather the level you had locked in for the video preset which I hadn't modified.

Mavic 2 Pro

Had this a few weeks now and have been much impressed by both photo and video from it.
A particular area of improvement is low light performance, which was weak on the Phantom 3 and Mavic original.