Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Kildale again

Had to go to Stokesley for sheep injector gun and light was lovely as I came back.
Possibly the best Mavic footage so far with nice detail but it still looks a bit odd on 4K TV if you get too close.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Sundown Mavic

This is nothing special but I was pleased with the striking video grab thumbnail.
Mainly a quick whizz round fields to test (yet again) following Mavic Firmware updates which have vastly improved my preferred D-Log mode.

I still see some colour problems problems notably with green and magenta which seem to look implausibly different depending what you view it on.
With laptop too much green, on TV too red/magenta. Just right on desktop where I edit.
Laptop and Desktop are supposed to be calibrated same, 4K TV is problematic but video from other cameras look closer to expected on it.

Friday, 6 January 2017

First Mavic snow run

There had been snow showers in the night which is partly why some bits are whiter than others!
It seems crucial to get exposure right - more so than Phantom 3.
Even one click (0.3) too bright or dark and things go wrong quickly, fortunately it can be gradually tweaked even dynamically through a scene in Adobe Premiere but this is all rather slow and tedious.
I used the auto exposure and towards the end you can see it changing as I tilt up and down.
At least the change is smooth and probably better than spotting the required change and clicking manually in 0.3 steps.

Meanwhile a few stills I took were a little disappointing as I don't seem to have switched back to RAW from JPG following last firmware update.
Though I thought I did whichmakes me wonder if actually it reverted on its own, worth checking in future as JPGs have quite a lot of NR applied.

Still quite good at larger size - click it.