Friday, 22 June 2018

McHale Fusion

Had this in yesterday to bale three fields which wouldn't go in the pit.
Next week will be all proper hay as weather looks perfect for it.
Have to do some wrapped as hay needs to be kept undercover and don't have enough shed space for all of it.

This is with the RX100 which while *potentially* very good at video is rather demanding to use.
After playing with EOSHD I've decided I don't like it and am using the PP6 profile with my own modifications.
It looks a little flat and unsaturated but is nice to work with.

What I missed doing in this video is setting White Balance manually and locking exposure. 
The WB presets can be used, but a custom setting on the day will likely be best.
The crucial thing is to stop it shifting during recording on Auto - which is difficult to address when editing.
If the preset or custom is a bit out at least it will be fairly simple to tweak later.

My PP6 mods:

Black Level -1
Gamma: Cine2
Black Gamma: Range = Middle, Level = -2
Knee Manual with Point = 95% and Slope = +2
Color Mode: Cinema
Saturation -1 (the camera tends to saturate a bit too much)
Color Phase +1
Color Depth: R= +1, G= -1, B= +1, C= -1, M= -1, Y= -1
Detail 0

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Farndale and the Quakers

Evening bike run to check out the pretty spot near Lowna.
I did some photos of bluebells, garlic and waterfalls but nothing very exciting - it was getting rather too late really.

However liked this pic of the fog swirling around upper Farndale on the way down there.
At home it had been vile most of the day.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Fryup Heads

This is always a fascinating place but not as easy as you might hope to photograph effectively.
The low evening sunlight helped and it's a drone shot - but could probably have almost got the same by walking further down from the road.
The video reveals at least three significant ponds but they may not be always full.

The confusing hillocks in various sizes are practically all the result of a long series of landslides dating back to the last ice age.
At that time the Esk Valley including Fryup was for a while a substantial lake due to the North Sea being filled with an immense ice sheet.

Water got away to the south through NewtonDale and probably to the north past Comondale and West House at different periods.

Markenfield Hall

I saw a couple of shots of this place near Ripon on Flickr - but there aren't many as it only opens on a few days mainly in the spring.
- So decided to go over there on the bike last Friday.
It took a little over an hour going by the more scenic route through Thirsk rather than A168.

The building is rather lovely with encircling moat and neat garden.
Inside you can visit a few principal rooms - the Hall and Chapel mainly
You enter by the undercroft which would have been storage and Kitchen - still perhaps the most interesting room.

The house history is quite turbulent and violent, more info on their website.
It is still more or less a grand farmhouse but the tenant farmer lives in a converted range down one side of the yard.

Sunday, 29 April 2018


April started very chilly with rain, sleet and snow, but briefly turned hot soon after mid-month.
The daffodils were delayed but then were starting to go over after a very few days.
With lambing and trying to catch up with work not done through the wintery March, not managed to use cameras as much as I'd like but managed these.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Not the most exciting shot but with lovely light the RX100 captured lovely detail in this.
Initially I was struggling to read the RAW files from this camera, but an update to Lightroom Classic resolved it