Monday, 30 October 2017

Goth weekend and new helmet cam

A couple of weeks ago upgraded the Drift Ghost HD to new 4K version.
It's generally much better but at start of this you can see why stabilisation does not want to be turned on when using it like this.

Walking round Whitby was with GoPro and Feiyu gimbal.
I recorded 2.7K and 30FPS, with hindsight it would have bee better to use 60fPS and slow several parts down.
A common problem was very brief glimpses of something interesting before someone walked into frame or they moved off. It is extremely crowded and congested in some of the narrow places.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Peak 1940s at Levisham

Bike cam video on way and back - I have used 'Mavic' rendering settings on this and was quite pleased with results, however have just decided to upgrade the helmet cam to Drift 4K (from Ghost HD) and quick test on day #1 looks promising.
Much higher bitrate at 1080p.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Blacksmiths, Hartoft Cropton Forest

Close to disaster at start of this, as only by pure luck missed a TV cable slung over the roof.
It's fairly obvious on big screen later.
Blacksmiths Arms has been empty all summer but someone is there acting as housekeeper as lights were on and I've seen a car there.
There is a separate house adjoining.

Rosedale - East mines

Seems a bit dull at first but second half is good.
If I go over there again will go lower especially over the ruined houses.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Old Canon 300D file

I've been quite impressed by how nice these can be made with Lightroom and PS + more knowledge.

Unfortunately I didn't always save the RAW files as in those days 20mb are whatever seemed huge and filled the 20gb drive up to fast!

 This lower part of Blakey near Hutton-le-Hole was in a Ford Transit advert early 1980s and has been used on Top Gear.
You can see why, but to make it look like this is slight deception by zoom lens.

I didn't like the 300D with original lens but an inexpensive Sigma 18-200mm transformed it - much sharper.  Unfortunately after 5 years or so unused I found the camera had got fungus on the sensor so practically unusable.
After owning the 5DMkii for a while it felt like a toy but being much lighter is a good thing.

 With hindsight I would manage without the SLR and buy (now) something like Sony RX100 iv.
The 5D is still good but so bulky and heavy even in car it's inconvenient.
My tiny S100 does RAW and is almost as good as the 300D was a lot of the time.
Also it's nice to be able to do decent video preferably 4K.
The 5Dmk2 was more or less the first SLR to be able to do video too, but only 1080p and it can overheat apparently.
The results are nothing special - requiring quite a bit of processing later - and you can only use it more or less static on a tripod, a it won't change focus automatically during recording.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Not the best light for this last week, but still much improved on 2014 Vision Plus version.
The close-ups of upper levels worked well - however wind suddenly hitting it near top of walls inside the gatehouse was worrying!