Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Houlstons silage team

This job has been delayed by the weeks of fog and drizzle, but a very heavy crop when they got to it on 25th June.
The GoPro and Feiyu gimbal got some good shots but colour balance is still problematic in some scenes - especially into light - despite being set at 5600 it sometimes looks magenta to me?
While this is easy to correct it's difficult to change during a scene.
There was added complication from the green tinted windows but I fixed that fine while leaving a hint of the effect deliberately.

I'm trialling Premier Pro CC 2015 but haven't been especially impressed over my stand alone older version. Some of the minor differences mainly seem plain annoying until you get used to it.
It has easier handling of LUTs built in though, which is especially good for Phantom 3  footage.

There's a longer version on the (4wdfarm) youtube account

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