Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Exchanged Hero4 Black

I bought a GoPro Hero4 Black, in February - and have been mighty impressed with the video.
The stills are good too even taken as a screengrab later.
I'm still not quite decided if it's best to record everything flat and process later or let the camera do the processing.

When I do the grading it seems to look sepia tinted to me - but on auto things look too saturated and skies very cyan.
Like all previous cameras it will take a while to wok out what's best.
This has not been helped by the wifi being very temperamental from new so after a couple of weeks arranged to exchange it.

You kind of need wifi + the app, as in the interest of battery life and tiny size it doesn't have a screen other than a small front LCD which is mainly to show what mode it's in.
You can go into sub-menus on that but it's really hard to see and not backlit.
Replacement has only been here a few days so kind of starting over again and very busy just now with lambing and poor weather.

First one is with original cam that went back - still not 100% happy with this especially first part.
Do like the trees but wish I looked up!
From replacement last Sunday.
And finally a screengrab still from 1080p video.
It can record at 4K which would given even better stills but the 4K files are huge and it runs very hot if in the case!
I can cope with 4K from the Phantom 3 but for routine video shorts 1080p is enough.

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