Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Drift Ghost HD

A new addition to the camera stable has arrived today - the Drift Ghost HD
Although light levels were too low to test properly outside by the time I had it unpacked, a quick silly test shot of the dog etc was very encouraging and I think I have worked out good encoding for youtube too (will need tweaking..!)
But a further surprise was how good the stills are from it.
To be fair I reduced the noise in lightroom but it really was very good to start with and in particular note the shadow detail despite the lamp in shot.
I wasn't even meaning to take this, it was on the table and I was playing with the remote and phone app.
Impressive thing and not that expensive as the Ghost S came out in November, these are just over £200 with discount code.

I was finding playing with the Roadhawk rather fun but getting frustrated with its odd behaviour such as turning off inexplicably even when connected to vehicle power, and limited battery life on a helmet.

Another nice feature is the drift will fit standard camera tripod screw so many options there for mounting.

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